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At the moment, the popularity of AI is growing and many are building their products in this direction. We know that many technologies should be more accessible to everyone to speedup development of new solutions, and that's why we provide our solution for FREE in basic version.

However, we as developers are very dependent on maintaining our intellectual property and therefore distribute our product under a Special License.

This does not mean that you need to pay for anything, all we ask is that you contact us and receive your License Key. We value our customers very much and are constantly improving our product and to do this we want to stay in touch with you.

Thank you for your support and understanding, we at PRST.AI really appreciate it!

How to get FREE Licence Key

To get your free Licence Key we ask you for q few things to support our product:

  1. Contact us via contact-us@prst.ai or via contact form on our Website

  2. Allow us to use your Product Logo on our website and social media

  3. Make a post about using of Prst.ai in any social media, your blog, or on our Product Hunt or just subscribe us on LinkedIn

Thanks in advance, we appreciate your support!

How to get a Demo Account

It's also possible to get a demo account before installation. To get one just simply contact us via contact-us@prst.ai or via contact form on our Website. Then we'll share a credentials to Cloud Version where you'll be able to test solution.

Installation Options

To simplify Installation of Prst.ai into your environment we've prepared Docker Image that can be easily installed and configured via Env Variables.

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