Self Hosted Prompt Management Tool


Prst.ai is a self-hosted solution for prompt management tailored for products where data protection and ownership are essential. We understand that many companies require ownership of their data, both in storage and transit. That's why we introduce PRST.AI.


In the modern AI world, prompt engineering is essential to get exactly what you need. But how do you select a proper one? What do you do if you have many prompts? To deal with prompt assessment, management, and storage, we introduce PRST.ai. As a centralized system for prompt management, it helps your team keep all prompts together with the ability to evaluate your execution results. The information about evaluation can then be used by your team to improve your AI retrieval by fine-tuning or even for training a custom model from scratch.

Our Thanks

At Prst.ai, we deeply appreciate our users. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who support us and stay updated with our progress! Thank you for joining us in making the realm of technology more approachable and convenient!


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