Feedback System


To build a good Prompt Loop process offers to use feedback system. each feedback is a unique set of ranking and user comment. These information can be used then by Prompt Engineers to improve prompt quality.

To simplify comments analysis also offers sentimental analysis of the content and extra formula to recalculate ranking.

Feedback Component

To make collect access easier we created a component that can be used inside iFrame on your websites or inside your internal tools.

You can configure the component using your corporate style and wishes.

In addition to that it's also possible a way of how to collect feedbacks. allows you to select the measurement system for the feedback ranking. The following options are available:

  • Like/Dislike: only 2 dimensions where Like is good and Dislike is bad.

  • Ranking 5 stars: more advanced with ability to select a exec value between 0 and 5.

  • Comments: in addition to starts you can collect user feedback to understand result better.

Custom Component

It's also possible to create a custom component and use API instead of pre-build one . In this case please make sure that the component will be able to collect information such as:



UUID of the task

not mandatory


ID of the user

not mandatory


ID of the Prompt

not mandatory


Exact version

not mandatory


Prompt Version ID

not mandatory


Extra field, useful for identifying source

not mandatory

❗️ Note: All parameters are not mandatory, however at least of of the following combinations must be provided to do not lose your data:

  • prompt_id

  • prompt_id + prompt_version

  • prompt_version_id

For more information please refer to the API section or to Swagger with up-to-date API schemes.

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