Overview also offers a simple Chat assistant that can be useful during routine operations. Using Knowledgebase it is possible to fill in all necessary information and help your team members to get this information in more easier manner.

❗️ Note: In case when you need to have a flexible vector size configurations please contact us.

Knowledgebase Console

Using the console it's possible to define the behavior of internal assistant, what integration to use, and how to complete the results.

Following the number indecators on the image above the console provide these abilities:

  1. Configure and fill inn your Internal Knowledgebase

  2. Test and Play with Chat around your data

  3. Configure default Connector for replies completions

  4. Configure Embeddings Connector

  5. Enter your data in plain text fromat

  6. Save a new record to your Knowledgebase

  7. See all saved records


Navigation to Chat playground it's possible to test your internal assistant with user input in chat manner. In this tak its possible to verify content granularity and ensure results quality.

Then internal assistant can be installed into your internal processes in a simple chat view to help your team members faster navigate in internal corporate information, for example.

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